Coriander contains :


  • Thiamin
  • Vitamins-A, C, and K
  • Riboflavin
  • Folic acid
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium and potassium
  • small quantities of niacin, Vitamin-B6, phosphorous and zinc.

Coriander helps in Cure of many types of problems. Lets have a look how coriander makes us healthy :

Skin Disorders:

Coriander is ideal for clearing up skin disorders such as eczema, dryness and fungal infections. Coriander is disinfectant, detoxifying, antiseptic, anti-fungal and antioxidant. skin_disorder

Depression Killer :

Coriander seeds in powder form is used as a natural medicine to treat panic attacks, depression and other psychological and emotional  disorders.


Headaches :

Immediate take coriander juice whenever you feel headaches. Coriander helps in relieving headaches and prevent water retention.

Sharp Your Memory :

Coriander is also known to promote sharp memory. So use coriander daily in your diet to boost up your memory power.


Cure Liver/Breast Cancer : 

The coriander fruit contains coriandrol, an aromatic substance that is used to treat liver cancer. If we take a low fat diet with avoidance of hydrogenated fats, coriander in powder form is believed to be effective in preventing certain cancers such as liver, breast and colon cancer.


Reduce Cholesterol :

Regular intake of Coriander juice results in reducing cholesterol.

Cure Diabetes : 

Coriander regulate insulin levels, hence helps in cure of diabetes. Diabetes patients must include this in their diet.

Hemorrhoids :

Coriander Juice treat hemorrhoids and other vein disorders.

Skin inflammation/Swelling :

Coriander contains Cineole and linoleic acid, are the essential oils, having antirheumatic and antiarthritic properties. They help to reduce the swelling that is caused due to kidney malfunction or anemia, it is also seen to be effective to some extent, because some of the components in coriander help the induce urination and the release of excess water from the body. The reduction in skin inflammation can lead to increased functioning, a reduction in discomfort, and an improvement in skin appearance.

Diarrhea Treatment:

Borneol and Linalool are essential oils, aid in digestion, proper functioning of the liver and bonding of bowels, and helps to reduce diarrhea, both of these components found in coriander. Diarrhea caused by microbial and fungal action, since components like Cineole, Borneol, Limonene, Alpha-pinene & beta-phelandrene have antibacterial effects.

Ringworm Cure :

The juice of fresh coriander leaves is one of the best homemade remedies to treat ringworms. Coriander leaves have the qualities to kill fungus which spreads ringworm disease all over the body.  Ringworm_Cure


Apply fresh coriander leaves  juice to the ringworms with cotton ball and wait until dry. Wash with cold water and get rid of ringworm at home.

Blood pressure/Hypertension : 

Consuming coriander positively reduce blood pressure in many patients suffering from hypertension. The interaction of Calcium ions and cholinergic, a neurotransmitter in the peripheral and central nervous system, more commonly know as acetylcholine. The interaction of these two elements relaxes blood vessel tension, thereby reducing the chances of a number of cardiovascular conditions, including heart attacks and strokes

Mouth ulcers:

Citronelol, is an excellent antiseptic found in coriander. Also, other components have antimicrobial and healing effects which keep wounds and ulcers in the mouth from worsening. They provide relief by making healing process of ulcers faster and also freshen your breath. Although not in common use in mainstream products, coriander is often used as an antiseptic component of all-natural toothpastes. In fact, before the invention of toothpaste, people would chew on coriander seeds to reduce bad breath!


As we all know Coriander is a rich source of iron, which directly helps people suffering from anemia. Low iron content in the blood can result in shortness of breath, heart palpitations, extreme fatigue, and a decrease in cognitive functions. Iron also benefits proper functions of other organ systems, increases energy and strength, and promotes the health of bones.

Menstrual disorders:

Coriander is a natural stimulant, helps in regulating proper secretion from the endocrine glands,and helps regulate proper menstrual cycles and reduces the associated pain during a woman’s period.

Eye care:

As discussed in previous article, Coriander is loaded with antioxidants, vitamin-A, vitamin-C and minerals like phosphorous in its essential oils, which prevents vision disorders, macular degeneration and it reduces strain and stress on the eyes. There is also beta-carotene in the leaves, which prevent a number of other diseases that affect the eye, and can even reverse the effects of vision degradation in aging patients.

Pimples Relief:

The anti-bacterial properties of coriander seeds is a wonderful home remedy for pimples, acne and blackheads. Prepare a face mask with coriander paste, honey and turmeric. Add multani mitti if you have oily skin. Apply the mask all over the face and let it dry. Rinse with cold water.

Get Rid of Dark lips:

If you are worried about dark color of your lips and looking for how to make lips pink, then stop worry and start doing!


Prepare a mixture of 2 teaspoons of coriander juice and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Apply this all over the lips and keep it overnight. Wash off next morning and repeat the same for some days and get healthy pink lips.

Prevent Hair loss:

Worried about hair fall?? Add some powdered coriander seeds in your hair oil and  massage your scalp twice a week. This will help stimulate the roots for the growth of new hair and will stop hair fall.