Keys to Mind:

  1. Drink apple juice and distilled water throughout the day to keep thoroughly hydrated.
  2. Take more lemon water as lemon increases urine acidity n melts kidney stone
  3. Take more juicy fruits like watermelon, melon, cucumber, papaya, orange etc.
  4. Do not take oxilate eatables like spinach etc.
  5. Do some physical work or walk fast and do pranayam.
  6. Visit the restroom every time urge is felt.
There are different types and cause for stones problem in human body. But first have glance on some Instant Kidney Stone Remedies which helps in dissolving stone within 2-3 days and dissolved stone will come out through urine.


Onion Juice empty stomach ( 70 – 80g ) – Fresh



Preparation :

  • Take 80g onion
  • Peel the skin and wash
  • Put all the onion in a blender/mixer/juicer and pour.
  • Drink immediately

Cautions :

  • Onion juice should be fresh
  • Quantity shouldn’t exceed than 80g
  • You must take it empty stomach to get results


Honey + Apple Vinegar + Water ( Lukewarm ) – 3 times a day


Preparation :

  • Take a bowl and add 1/2 cup of lukewarm water
    Add 2 tspn apple vinegar
    Add 1 tspn honey
    Mix all the ingredients and take one spoon each time

Cautions :

  • Take the mixture juice thrice a day for stone cure
  • Do not take more than one spoon at a time
  • Water should not be too hot or cold, it should be lukewarm in nature


Olive oil + Lemon Juice – 3 times a day



Preparation :

  • Take a bowl and add 4 teaspoon of olive oil
  • Then add 4 teaspoon of lemon juice
  • Mix it well and take this atleast thrice a day.
  • If you want instant relief then take this mixture every two hours

Cautions :

  • Quantity of oil and lemon juice should be equal
  • Olive oil should be organic and eatable – in order to get complete cure against kidney stone pain
  • Lemon juice should be fresh
  • Do not drink more than 6 tpsn of mixture all at once, as it can cause nausea and vomiting, which would render treatment ineffective


Lemon Juice with Boil Carom Seed Water

As ajwaincarom seed are urine actuator, you can make lemon tea with this which will provide immense benefits to dissolvation process of stones.

Preparation :

  • Boil 15-20 Carom seed ( Ajwain ) in water
  • Boil till the half water evaporate
  • Put it down till the time it gets luke warm
  • Add one lemon juice and drink.

Cautions :

  • Do not drink mixture while too hot or too cold
  • Do not take this more than two times a day


Parsely + Honey + Olive Oil + Maple Syrup + Lemon


Ingredients :

  • Parsley ( parsley leaves produce much urine ) – 250g
  • Lemon – 250g
  • Honey – 250g
  • Maple syrup – 1 Cup

Preparation :

  • Blend lemon wid skin
  • Then put all the other ingredients in jar
  • Store the mixture in air tight jar and take 1 tbsp with empty stomach


Patharchatta or Kalanchoe Pinnata


Preparation :

  • Get 10 green leaves of Patharchatta
  • Take some water and boil untill water becomes half of its quantity
  • Take this syrup empty stomach

Cautions :

  • After taking the mixture, keep your stomach empty till 40 min
  • Take small green leaves – leaves should not be too big in size
  • Take this mixture for maximum 10 – 15 days.

Note : If you can not take the syrup or mixture then directly inhale 1 leaves thrice a day.




You can either take raddish directly or can take raddish juice.




Take  as much as buttermilk you can and try to take sour buttermilk to get instant relief from pain.



Pranayam helps in curing all the chronic diseases and stone problems.