As in previous blog, you have learned about why you can have vision health with lutein and lutein benefits. Now see how you can have intake of  lutein with natural resources. Here is the details servings and nutrition value of lutein that you can easily have n your food to help yourself  in improving your eye sight!


Mg / serving
Kale (raw)                      Kale   26.5 / 1 cup
Kale (cooked)   23.7 / 1 cup
Spinach (cooked)   20.4 / 1 cup
Collards (cooked)                Collards for lutein   14.6 / 1 cup
Turnip greens (cooked)          turnip eye food   12.2 / 1 cup
Green peas (cooked)        green peas   4.1 / 1 cup
Spinach (raw)                 Pile of baby spinach   3.7 / 1 cup
Corn (cooked)                corn lutein source   1.5 / 1 cup
Broccoli (raw)   1.3 / 1 cup
Romaine lettuce (raw)              Romaine lettuce lutein eye care   1.1 / 1 cup
Green beans (cooked)    green beans benefits   0.9 / 1 cup
Broccoli (cooked)                          borocli1 eye boosting food   0.8 / 1/2 cup
Papaya (raw)                           papaya eye food   0.3 / 1 large
Egg                                         egg eye food   0.2 / 1 large
Orange (raw)                          orange lutein source   0.2 / 1 large

Now you must be thinking how to take all these sources in your food. No need to worry about this. We are providing you some recipes to take these Lutein source as Salad as well as main course. Click for :

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