Platelets :

Tiny, irregularly-shaped, colorless cells which circulate in the blood and helps blood to clot in case of injury.  Mineral, calcium, vitamin K and fibrinogen (type of protein)helps the platelets from a clot. Platelets  are stick to each other due to granules present in it.  When bleeding from a wound occurs, platelets gather at wound and attempt to block the blood flow to save our life.

How platelets helps in blood clotting :

When blood is exposed to air, platelets sense the presence of air, they react with the fibrinogen to begin forming fibrin (tiny threads) and make a web-like mesh which traps the blood cells within it. Gradually, this mesh of blood cells dry and hardens to form a clot.

Hence, our body naturally overcome such a serious problem which can lead to death. So we all must to thankful to nature J Lets see which nutrients must be present in blood to complete this clotting process.



Nutrients which helps in blood clotting or  Thrombocytopenia:

  • Calcium
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Protein


A scab is an external blood clot that we can easily see, but there are also internal blood clots. A bruise, or black-and-blue mark, is the result of a blood clot. Both scabs and bruises are clots that lead to healing. Some clots can be extremely dangerous. A blood clot that forms inside of a blood vessel can be deadly because it blocks the flow of blood, cutting off the supply of oxygen. A stroke is the result of a clot in an artery of the brain. Without a steady supply of oxygen, the brain cannot function normally. If the oxygen flow is broken, paralysis, brain damage, loss of sensory perceptions, or even death may occur.

See reasons of why platelets in our blood gets reduce and how can you get recover from thrombocytopenia.