Oragnic Tea

Organic tea with exquisite blend of pure Assam tea, whose red liquor and intense aroma will delight and refresh your senses.

Assam tea is known for its tart, malty flavour, vigorous body and bright colour. It is more commonly known as breakfast tea, or Irish breakfast tea.

Benefits of  organic tea orginally from Assam:

  • It is also rich in natural antioxidants (flavonoids) to protect the cells and tissues in your body.
  • give you sweet freshness that inhibits the formation of dental plaque, tooth decay, bad breath, cavities and bacterial infections.
  • Fights Flu Signs and symptoms
  • Enhance Mental Health
  •  Lose Unwanted Weight
  • Fight Cancer
  • Each cup of tea contains antioxidants equivalent to 4 glasses of orange juice. 
Organic tea with rich antioxidants
Assam organic tea with antioxidants

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