Bhramari Bhramari Pranayama named after the bharmari bee. When doing Bhramari Pranayama, a humming sound is produced which is the same come from flying of the bharmari bee.

This is all in one pranayama as this affects overall body parts and helps in improving stress, ear issues, brain issues, gives you sound sleep, good eye circulation and most important – practicing this gives you glowing skin 😀


Before explaining Bhramari pranayama, let me clear all your doubts about it :

     1. Can I practice Bhramari pranayama in old age?

Yes. One can practice this pranayama in all age.

     2. Can I do Bhramari pranayama in office?

Yes. Anywhere. But make sure you are empty stomach.

     3. What is the best time to practice this pranayama?

Ideally, any yoga/pranayama or exercise should be done in fresh air – morning or evening time. But Bhramari pranayama you can do anytime. Pranayama is always right to do empty stomach in the morning.

     4. What are the conditions when you should not practice Bhramari Pranayama?

  • Women should not do pranayama during pregnancy and menstruation.
  • If blood pressure is high, suffering from epilepsy, chest pain or ear infections, then you should not do Bhramari Pranayama.
  • Never do Bhramari Pranayama while lying down.

How To Do Bhramari Pranayama?

  1. Sit either in Padmasan, Sudhasan (Pallathi) or Vajraasan.
  2. Place the back, neck, and head in a straight line. Keep mouth shut, leave the jaw a little loose.
  3. Put the tip of the tongue behind the teeth above. Close the ear with the thumb, do not press hard.
  4. Close your eyes. Keep the middle finger and ring finger slightly above the eyelids, keep the index finger above the bows.
  5. Fill deep breaths in the nose. Keep mouth shut.
  6. Now, shut down your mouth, make the voice of hmmm down the throats. Slowly the whole breath will get out.
  7. Try to make the sound sweet, soft and consistent.
  8. You will feel trembling in the upper parts of the neck. Especially in the head, jaw, cheeks, and ears. The other person will hear the sound of a honeybee roaring voice.

Corrections :

1.  Make sure the tongue’s position is correct: When the tongue’s position is correct, there will be an echo in the entire head, which has a good effect on the brain.

2.  Keep your focus right: Keep your focus in between the eyebrows. Ajna chakra is present here. Again,

3.  Breathing:  Take deep breathe from the nose and let the whole breath out with sounding. These will be two cycles.

4.  Pressure: Do not put too much pressure on the ear. Neither try to penetrate the thumb in the ear. Just cover the ear from the outside. If the nails of the thumb are enlarged then cut it. Do not put pressure on your eyes, keep fingers on your eyelids only. Keep mouth and eyes closed while breathing or making the sound of Bhramari Pranayam.

5.  Frequency: Do not start more than 3 or 5 times in the beginning.


Bhramari Pranayama Benefits:

Concentration: Focusing on strength, concentration and memory power increases.

Anxiety: Mental stress is removed including Tension, anger, and anxiety.

Insomnia: Insomnia does not come to sleep or there is a problem. Exposes the pineal gland and the pituitary gland and it is helpful in their proper procedure.

Blood Pressure: If you are suffering from high blood pressure, you must do it. This regulates blood pressure. Also, recover many heart diseases.

Migraines & Allergies: Bhramari Pranayama helps in reducing migraine headache and other nose related allergies etc.

Alzheimer: This pranayama benefit in Alzheimer’s disease. Also, increases confidence.

Voice Improvement: Strengthens the throat, improves the voice.

Thyroid: People with thyroid benefit from this pranayama.

Important: If blood pressure, thyroid or any other medication is going on, do not stop taking it without the advice of a doctor.

Initially, such a cycle can do three times, then seven times in the next week, five times in the next week.