Rubbing Palm : Rub your hands together until they feel warm. Then, close your eyes and cover them with your warm palms.

Your warm palms give energy to your eyes so this is a great relaxation and also stress-relieving technique.

Caution : Do not apply pressure to your eyeballs and try not to cover your nose with your palms.

Squeeze Technique : Close both eyes and squeeze for 5 seconds. Repeat this 5 times. This exercise will make you to produce tears for moisturizing eyes.


Focus : Put your thumb in front of your eyes approx. 15 cm or 0.5 feet far and focus on it. Then you far focus on an object that is 5-10m or 20-30 feet far.


Rotate the Eyes : Look up and rotate eyes clockwise. Repeat it seven times. Reverse to counter clockwise and repeat. This movement will loosens and relaxes extra-ocular eye muscles.


Massage :  Massage outside ridges of the eye sockets and temples using your fingers or knuckles. Massage will increase blood circulation around the eyes, results healthy eyeside.

Eyelid Massage : Close eyes and massage with circular movements with the fingers.


Caution : Wash your hands properly to prevent foreign materials damaging the eyes.

 Hot /Cold Soak : Take two towels. Soak one towel in hot water and the other in cold. First take the hot towel, and lightly press around eyebrows, eyelids, and cheeks. Finish this process by repeating with the cold towel doing same exactly.


Pencil Focus : Hold a pencil at arm’s length and move slowly towards the nose. Follow the pencil with both eyes until it goes out of focus. Repeat about 10 times.


Shifting : Healthy eyes tend to glimpse all around, changing focus on various objects. Practice by looking at nearby objects for a few seconds then quickly shift to other thing further away. The eyes should never feel strained during this exercise.


Take a Break : When doing close up work that causes eye strain, take a ten second break every 10-15 minutes and focus your eyes on something in the distance.


Cross Your Eyes : This is something you can enjoy – literally! Keep your head still, go cross-eyed by trying to focus on the tip of your nose. Repeat three times.

Caution : Taking care not to strain much to your eyes.


Rest in mean time after each set by shutting your eyes and do not using your fingers, Squeeze your eyelids together as tightly together as you can. Hold for a few seconds, and then open wide. Repeat this twice.

Winking : Close your one eye , pick a spot at the top left of your field of vision. Keeping your head straight, trace a series of diagonals back and forth until you reach the bottom right hand side of your field of vision.


Now close that eye, open your other and repeat. Open both eyes and do it again. Finish off by looking at a point in the centre of your vision, then spiral slowly out to the periphery and reverse the movement back to the centre.

Distance Focusing : Focus on a far away object in the distance for a few minutes whenever the chance occurs throughout the day.

Blinking : Blinking is most important eye function. Blinking moistens your eyes and reduces eye tension. Look at an object and open and close very slowly.