Hello Guys

Today I want to divert your attention towards the most powerful and wonderful creation by God – The Women. Before we proceed, let me tell you that this will not lead to feminism but the real issues of Indian society.

We are in the 21st century and as we are growing, instead of being pleasant, we are creating more pressure towards women.

On the behalf of all Indian girls, I have few questions for you :

Everyone knows about it, criticize it but no one dares to talk about it in open!

I have few questions for Men as well :

But a woman does. The woman manages much more at a time and still, you expect her to be more perfect in everything she does for you, your family & kids. If every single person is happy with her, then she definitely doing tons of sacrifices every movement.

Pressures from you, your family and society, she somehow manages but her body usually does not. As a result, she gets many diseases like :

Please have a look at your women and see :

If she is doing anything for herself!

Check on her, if she is having good physical and mental health!

Instead of creating more and more pressure on her, be nice to her and show your gratitude for the things she does for you.