Congratulations on the opportunity to produce a new life!

Everyone must have face vomiting during pregnancy at least once. If you are conscious, you must have judged the reasons why and how frequent you face this nausea issue.

Pregnancy time can be a golden period of your life if you understand the basic changes going on in your body so that you can cope up with the changes happily 🙂

There are numerous reasons why do we feel uneasy while we are pregnant. First, you will have to understand the changed mechanism of your body during this time of pregnancy,


Digestive System Changes During Pregnancy:

We must understand that producing a baby is a huge responsibility and the body has to go through many changes in order to support the birth process. Changes include an increase in blood quantity, slow of digestion, hormonal changes, etc.

But if we are not changing our routine and eating habits then obviously body will react as this is not able to manage heavy & unhealthy food with such critical changes.


Causes of Morning Sickness/Nausea/Vomit:


Fried Food: You should take food which is easy to digest. Fried food can take more time to digest and will be uneasy for you. In pregnancy first trimester, we should take cold and raw food more as compared to cooked one. As women feel heartburn,  a sensation of heat and anxiousness inside. It is better to avoid fried food and be at ease.

Solution: Take raw food more including sprouts, boiled pulses, vegetable chapati instead of oil fried paratha, dry fruits, fruits, salad, sandwich, etc.


Spices: If you are including too many spices in your food, then stop doing it right now! Only homemade spices are allowed in pregnancy, SAY NO TO PACKED PRODUCTS/SPICES.

In the first trimester, only the following spices are good for embryo growth:

Salt/Turmeric/Coriander/Green chili (less quantity)

Solution: Cut down the spices and use homemade and organic spices.


Non-Vegetarian: Human beings are not designed in a way to digest non-vegetarian food. Our teeth, digestive system, etc, are made for only a vegetarian diet. So, avoid the food which is taking too long to digest especially at this time when the digestive system is already too slow.

Solution: Immediately switch to the vegetarian diet.


Empty Stomach: When you have not taken anything since long, it can also cause a feeling of uneasiness and nausea.

Solution: Try taking something every 2 hours.


Anxiety/Stress: When you are stressed or worried about your pregnancy or some other issue in the family, you will puke more than usual.

Solution: Do meditation and relax. Listen to good music and divert your mind. Can walk as well.


Overeating: Sometimes when you overeat, you puke it out. Avoid overeating. Let your digestive system be at ease.

Solution: Take 8-10 short meals instead of 3-4 big meals.


Tiredness: Sometimes due to tiredness as well women feel nausea in pregnancy. As the body already doing much work, if we do much physical work or sit in the same position uncomfortably, we tend to feel nausea easily.

Solution: Take proper rest and work intervals. Use a footrest if you are into sitting job or try changing the sitting positions (can use cushions for back support).


Hunger: It’s not always overeating, but hunger also makes you feel sick and exhausted.

Solution: Take small meals every 2 hours.


Dehydration: Pregnant women are supposed to increase the intake of water. Dehydration can also cause nausea or vomit. Also, too much heat in summer can also lead to dehydration.

Solution: Take more liquid including lemon water, buttermilk (lassi), soup, salad, fruits, coconut water, etc. Avoid going outside in daytime during the summer season.


Sleeplessness: Lack of sleep also cause uneasiness to your body. It can cause stomach pain, vomit, headache, heartburn, etc.

Solution: Take a sound sleep.