Increase platelets count in Ayurveda (Home Remedies) :

With proper diet you can increase your platelets counts. Let us have a glimpse what should you take in your diet.

 Anti-oxidants : 

Tomatoes, cashew-nuts berris grapes are rich source of anti-oxidants and helps in eliminating the free redicals in the blood when may be responsible for tissue damage, also increase low levels of platelets count.

Omega-3 fatty acids :

Increase the intake of cod liver oil, flax seed oils etc. as they are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and helps to improve blood heamoglobin levels and also contribute in increasing platelet counts. Make sure you are taking limited quantity of omega-3 as it is heavy and does not digest easily.

Vitamin K :

Vitamin K deficiency is also considered to be an important cause for low platelet count. Vitamin K supplements are ideally recommended to improve the platelet count.

Papaya leaf extract :

Bitter extract from papaya leaf. Take 2 tea spoons of it per 8 hours.

Vitamin C :

Fruits & vegetables rich in vitamin C are extremely helpful for improving the body’s platelet count.

 Foods to Avoid :

  • Avoid processed and refined foods as they do not easily digest and rarely contain nutritional values.
  • Avoid oily food.
  • Avoid refined sugar and use jaggary. Infact, white sugar is not healthy at all for a normal person as well.
  • Avoid consuming raw food. especially vegetables in the form of salads to avoid parasitic infection.
  • Do not smoke and stop taking alcohol.

What should you do :

  • Drink and take bath in pure water
  • Consume a natural diet – organic one.
  • Eliminate exposure to toxic househole cleaning products, pesticides and chemicals
  • Eliminate all toxic skin care products
  • Get the bad fats out of your life
  • Take a good quality vitamin and mineral suppliment – ayurvedic one.