Seborrheic dermatitis is a common skin disorder that may affects your scalp, face, upper chest, back and any where on your body. It cause scaly, itchy, red skin and stubborn dandruff.  Seborrheic dermatitis mostly takes place in the areas of your body that have many oil (sebaceous) glands.

seborrheic dermatitis

Myth regarding seborrheic dermatitis  :

This skin disease is caused by poor hygiene. Due to its appearance, this myth occurs.

Precautions from seborrheic dermatitis :

  • You should use a neem & aloeveera shampoo twice a week.
  • Wash the skin daily with a neem soap.

Cradle Cap: 

In infants, seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp is known as cradle cap. This occur mostly in their diaper area. Many babies develop this rash on their scalps too.

Precautions from cradle cap:

  • Shampoo the baby’s scalp daily. Use baby shampoo only.
  • Once the scale starts to soften, gently brush it away.

Myth regarding cradle cap :

In the diaper area, the red rash often is mistaken for diaper rash.

Ayurvedic/natural treatment for  seborrheic dermatitis/Cradle cap :

  • Drink Momordica charantia (karela) Juice with 1 teaspoon lemon empty stomach


  • Take one bowl containing water and mix 2 teaspoon baking soda in it. Soak towel in this bowl and keep towel on effected areas.

seborrheic dermatitis-cure

  • Take sun light as much as you can.
  • Take cabbage leaves and boil some water. Then soak these cabbage leaves in boiled water and then put on affected areas.

seborrheic dermatitis-treatment

  • Take neem oil once a day, it will work as anti-allergy and will recover you soon.

These will help not only in cure of this diseases but will give strength to your hairs and helps in reducing hair fall.